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Why use a Text Messaging System?

According to Nielsen, Q2 of 2014, over 71% of the American adult population own a smartphone!

Text beats the pants off email!

  • The average person receives around 1200 emails each month, compared to just 178 text messages.
  • People who text message in the US send or receive an average of 35 messages/day.
  • 80% of cell phone owners text.
  • How often do you open a text message?  Almost always.
  • How often do you receive a spam text message?  Almost never.
  • 90% of all emails are spam, compared to 1% of text messages.

Growth of SMS marketing says it all!

  • Text messaging is growing at a rate of more than 25 times the rate of the growth of email, and text marketing along with it!
  • As few as 20% of email messages are opened.
  • More than 95% of text messages received are open and read within minutes.


  • Nearly all customers have a mobile device.
  • Sending a text is as fast and as easily as sending an email.
  • Reach your consumers at the exact moment that is best for you.


Use alerts to send a text to inform people about important events or situations. These alerts can be automated and triggered by specific events.

Use it for:
  • Natural disaster tracking alerts.
  • Service disruption alerts.
  • Safety alerts.


Use text reminders to remind people about appointments, events, payments and any relevant information.

Use it for:
  • Appointment reminders.
  • Payment reminders.
  • Event or information reminders.

Email to Text

Use email to text to send out reminders, health updates and a wide variety of messages using your email database.

Use it for:
  • Notifications.
  • Reminders.
  • Reservations and bookings.

Mass Texting

Zen Ledge mass texting solutions are used to send high volumes of text messages which enable you to connect, interact and transact with customers, suppliers, employees or partners in the US and all over the world.

Use it for:
  • Maintaining communications.
  • International logistics.
  • Building global relationships.

Two-Way Messaging and Short Codes

Use two-way messaging and short codes to maintain a direct line of communication with your customers in an effective way. Ideal for CRM programs.

Use it for:
  • CRM.
  • Competitions.
  • Premium-rate campaigns.

Reservations and Bookings

Use text messaging to make, confirm or change restaurant, hotel or other service reservations or bookings.

Use it for:
  • Reservation reminders.
  • Booking confirmations.
  • Itinerary updates.


Use notifications to inform customers, suppliers and partners about relevant information, developments or changes in your organization.

Use it for:
  • Customer notifications.
  • Banking notifications.
  • Healthcare notifications.


Use text messages to promote your competition and actively invite entries using two-way messaging.

Use it for:
  • Competition entries.
  • Competition replies.
  • Engaging response.

Standard Professional Enterprise
Text Server Text Module Yes Yes
License Module Yes Yes Yes
Excel Import Yes Yes Yes
Contact Import/Export Yes Yes
Contacts Manager Yes Yes
Messages Manager Yes Yes
Folder Drop Yes Yes
Message Composer Yes
Message Fields Yes
Notifications Manager Yes
iCal Notifications Yes
Scheduler Yes

Standard Professional Enterprise
Opt Out Yes Yes Yes
Return Notifications Yes Yes
Text Server Users 1 5 25
Messages Included (per month) 1500 2500 4000
Long Code Number Shared 1 5*
Short Code Number Optional

*Additional Short and Long Codes Available.

Standard Professional Enterprise
Monthly Price* $69 $119 $179
Included Messages
(client is only billed for delivered messages)
Messaging Fee
(per text beyond package message allowance)
.10 each .04 each .02 each
Customization and Installation $119 per hour $119 per hour $119 per hour

*Prices based on annual service agreement.